What is Examina?

Examina prepares students writing JAMB, WAEC, NECO and GCE exams to pass in one sitting!

Good Reasons Why You should use Examina CBT app:

• You don’t need an internet connection to use.
• Pass your JAMB, WAEC, NECO and GCE in one sitting.
• Well-explained solutions.
• Diagrams, tables, and graphs included.

• Access Over 58,000 offline Past exam questions for JAMB, WAEC including SSCE/GCE, NECO with their past question solutions.

• Contains JAMB CBT, WAEC, and NECO standard Calculator.

• Examina helps you to get familiar with how JAMB CBT environment feels like.

• Select up to 4 subjects to practice at once.
• Lots of subjects and years are available in the CBT app.
• Access to the Latest News about your Examinations(JAMB, NECO, WAEC including SSCE/GCE) or Preferred Institution of choice.

Practicing properly with Examina CBT app, you are sure to pass with good grades in your JAMB, NECO, WAEC (SSCE/GCE) exams.

Get Good Grades

Practice properly

Examina has all you need to practice and be prepared for your exams(Jamb, Waec, Neco , Gce).

Pass in one sitting!

We also provide you access to additional resources that helps you to pass your exams.

Designed for students

We designed to be so easy to use and learn from with explanations that are easy to understand.